RAID, always the innovator, has made sure that everyone, from non-divers to instructor trainers, can have complete access to every level of their extensive online academics and quizzes for FREE.

RAID announced today that all RAID programmes will be available to everyone visiting and registering on The new FREe-Learning landing page will be live as of Wednesday, April 1. RAID was the first fully online diver training agency. The time is right to launch RAID’s next-generation innovation – FREe-Learning.

RAID FREe-Learning

Paul Toomer, president RAID International, said that opening up the company’s full curriculum for anyone to browse is part of what he referred to as “The RAID Way.”

Toomer explained, “We do not want to stand in the way of anyone staying engaged with the sport, especially now.”

Peter Nohren, RAID Product Manager, added that the initiative will allow visitors to the RAID website to login and have immediate access to dozens of RAID diver training programs. “That includes everything from Try Dive to Cave instructor. Even visitors who currently have not created a profile on the RAID site, will find becoming a member of the RAID tribe and setting up a personal profile is a very simple process.”

“Once that’s done,” Nohren said, “they can work their way through programs chapter by chapter, quiz by quiz, and learn something interesting. Perhaps something they want to pursue and earn certification for when that’s possible. We realise that right now, most of us are not able to get our usual underwater fix, but with RAID’s FREe-Learning, you can get ready for when we can.”

At that time, Toomer explained, “RAID members can pick a dive centre to finish their program, open up the final exam for the courses they’ve completed (as long as they meet the prerequisites) and GO DIVING, with their instructor of choice.
During these trying times, it is often easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and become reactive and not proactive. We are providing options to our dive centres and professionals that will actually make a difference. We are not keen on just making press releases that don’t actually say anything. We are also not wanting to use the pandemic as some sort of profit centre. And most importantly, we will not release initiatives that will only last while we are in times of suffering and are then taken away when the world returns to normality.”

For more details, please email

Important Post


On behalf of RAID HQ and all Regional Office staff, I’d like to share some information on the agency’s current position on the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all appreciate that everyone has to comply to directives from our respective governments and health department officials globally. Unfortunately, this means that training and travel as we know it has changed. Our aim over the coming weeks is to provide you with some business interruption assistance wherever we can. We are trying as best as possible to not just talk about assistance but to actually bring something that truly benefits you in these times.

Even at HQ, we have stopped travel, and many HQ staff, senior directors, and ITs who have travelled in the near past have placed themselves in self-isolation. Naturally, this affects our scheduled travel for business-related meetings and training commitments with our members and divers globally, but in the interest of abundant caution, we are certain this is the best action our company can take.

Our members have expressed serious concerns over common practices in agency-sanctioned scuba training. Two specific concerns are in regard to gas-/air-sharing drills and equipment disinfecting. We have brought these concerns to the attention of the appropriate authorities and will be discussing what action our members can take to keep divers in training as safe as possible. We will be releasing updates immediately after those meetings.

As you all know, RAID training courses are valid for 6 months. If you have purchased a RAID program and are unable to complete the course within the 6 months, we will extend your course so that you can complete the program once these trying times are over.

We are empathetic about the negative impact COVID-19 is having on businesses, our families, our dive centers, our professionals, and, of course, our divers. RAID is also working hard on alternative programs and standards changes designed to help support your business, your diving ambitions, and your continued diving and teaching safety. We will release regular news and updates.

If you are in doubt about anything regarding diver training and how COVID-19 impacts it, please do not hesitate to contact your local representative.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please stay safe.

Paul V Toomer

Ian France – joins RAID

Time waits for no one

“For the last, almost 10 years, I have been working as a full time technical, cave and mine diving Instructor Trainer, but recently I have been looking for new and fresh challenges.

I have watched RAID grow over the last 6 years and liked their philosophy and commitment to modern quality diver training. Whilst I did have the opportunity to join them years ago, the time wasn’t right for me, but things change.

James Rogers – Managing Director RAID UK is quoted as saying; ‘there is a small and select group of top industry trainers with Ian’s reputation; we’re excited to have him on the team’.

I’ve accepted a position to work with RAID in several key areas, bringing my real-world and relevant experience, professionalism, and expertise (primarily in technical, cave and mine diving) to strengthen their UK and International teams.

In my role as a RAID IT I will not only be working with technical divers, but I will also have a large input in the recreational diving arena as well. This is an extremely exciting project since I will be able to work with all levels of Dive Centres and Dive Professionals, whether they are open water divers, technical, cave or mine.

Please get in touch.

I will work alongside James and Oli van Overbeek (UK Training Manager) at RAID UK on specific project and business development, and at RAID International I will be working with the Global Director of Training (Steve Lewis), assisting in the creation of more quality courses, content, standards, and SOP’s.

Most importantly, I will still remain on the frontline of diver education as I believe this the best way to stay grounded, develop the agency, and its products that fit the needs of the most important part of this industry – the diver.

Exciting times….”


Go Diving Show and Pro Update 2020

The Go Dive Show is nearly upon us, and we’ve got 2 days of Pro updates scheduled for you.

Thursday 20th Feb – Instructor Trainer Update

Location: GODIVA suite
Time Table: 10.00 Start – 16.00 Finish
Main Presenter: Paul Toomer

Friday 21st Feb – Pro Member Update (Divemasters & Instructors)

Location: Vodafone Lounge

Morning Session, Members ONLY

10.00 – 10.15                    Welcome & Intros

10.15 – 10.35                     Emma Farrell – Freediving & Marketing

10.35 – 11.35                     Steve Lewis & Paul Toomer – Standard Update

11.35 – 12.10                     Olivier van Overbeek & James Rogers – New Courses & Products, Survey Presentation

12.10 – 12.20                    Coffee Break

12.20 – 12.50                    Olivier van Overbeek & James Rogers – Crossovers and IDP’s, Show Plan

12.50 – 13.30                    Team – 2019 Celebration & Recognition, 2020 Vision

Afternoon Session – Open to All industry Pro’s (upon registration)  

14.00 – 14.20                     James Sanderson – Aqualung Presentation

14.20 – 14.50                     Steve Lewis – Safe Diving Practices

14.50 – 15.30                     Olivier van Overbeek  & James Rogers – The Value of Good Instructors

15.30 – 15.45                     John Vickers – Blue Abyss

15.45 – 16.00                     Richard Cullen – Deptherapy

Sat&Sun 22&23rd Feb – Show Open To Public

During Saturday & Sunday, all pro’s are invited and indeed very welcome to join the team on the RAID stand to represent the brand, and advise the audience on our cool products and diving ethos.

A Few House Rules:

  • Everyone is free to promote their own RAID courses
  • No Equipment sales on-site, please
  • No Flyers or Banners, if you have some, please do not position them on the stand
  • Be region aware, it’s better to bring someone into a RAID centre in an area close to them, then to lose them to another agency

We will have available:

  • WiFi to use (RAID Stand only)
  • Tables to use
  • Electricity
  • A meeting/consultation area (this will require booking ahead of time)
  • Refreshments (for the meeting area attendees only)
  • Coat Storage, for dive centres only, please don’t offer this to anyone else.

Please take a moment to partake in our Member Survey
This data will be used to help us build marketing materials for YOU and YOUR centre.

RAID UK & Malta X-Over 2020

RAID UK & Malta 2020 Crossover Update

In Collaboration with RAID International RAID UK & Malta have created special crossover packages for instructors and dive centres in regions covering: UK, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Egypt.

The packages cover not only the tuition from an approved RAID Instructor Trainer but also; all materials, 5 specialties, application fee’s, and 1 year of RAID professional membership.

For Dive Centres wishing to come on board, we extend this deal to 6 professionals (including dive masters) as well as your 1st year centre fee included.

Individual Suggested Price: £450*
Dive Centre Pack Suggested Price: £1000*
*Individual IT’s and centers may vary these prices as well as their specific offering.

Given RAID’s expansion in the market place and continuing development behind the scenes there has never been a better time to join this progressive agency that puts the quality back into diving.

RAID Instructor Trainers Available

UK- Scotland:
Kenny McGuire – Tec Diving Scotland
E: – M: 07968 165621

UK – North West:
Garry Dallas – Simply Sidemount
E: – M: 07740 46 47 48

Olivier van Overbeek – DiveLife / Diving Matrix
E: – M: +44 7961 466812

UK – North East:
Pete & Robyn Black – Deep Blue Pirates
E: – M: 07969825646

Gen MacCallum – Blue Water Training
M: 07792 305030

Malta & Gozo:
Rachel Vassallo – Ritual Dive Gozo
E: – M: +356 79260259

Toby van Pooss – Liquid Diver Training (Gozo)
E: – M: +356 7707 3027

Olivier van Overbeek – Diving Matrix (Waterworld Qawra)
E: – M: +44 7961 466812

Norway & Sweden:
Edd Stockdale – Gradient Technical (Sweden)
E: – M: +46793296609