Renew Now: Be Part Of Something Big

Rarely do you get the opportunity to be part of something that makes real change. As a RAID dive professional you can be part of a revolution in diver training.

RAID is on a mission to

  • Improve the quality of dive training
  • Improve the plight of the dive store and dive professional
  • Grow the diving industry

We want you to share and participate in our vision. This year we recognise those committed to positive change with our Foundation Member Card. All RAID Dive Professionals renewed by 1st October will receive a limited edition cCard.

For those of you who have not conducted RAID training for a while, we ask you to take a second look. We have completely rewritten every course from Try Dive to Instructor.

All our programs have been developed in close co-operation with leading dive schools around the world. They represent the absolute cutting edge in dive training.

We reduce paperwork and put more emphasis on practical training. We feature training in trim with neutral buoyancy from the outset.

Online theory is now very well presented and covers everything the market has requested. The Try Dive and Open Water course is designed to integrate seamlessly. The Divemaster Course properly prepares dive professionals with real world skills like cylinder filling and fundamental equipment knowledge.

All our programs put strong emphasis on protecting the environment.

As a RAID Dive professional you can be part of something big – a continuous and comprehensive upgrade of diver training to create better divers and a stronger industry.

Renew before the 1st October to receive your unique Foundation Member Card. In years from now you will hold this card and look back knowing you were part of something that changed the way divers are trained around the world.

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by phone: 0191 4324644


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