Irresistible Offer from RAID

2018 is a celebration year for RAID. We’ve made it, the system is tried and tested and completed to the industry highest standards. We need to promote ourselves and support the industry so we’ve decided to do the following for you!

If your like most dive retailers in the UK at present you are probably looking to make a change in your business, things must change, one of the biggest changes you can make is your training agency, but this is a big decision.

You may have considered a change but are concerned that a change may put you in a worse position and then of course there is the issue of the cost of changing.

Don’t worry the RAID team will be supporting you every step of the way; we have put together an incredible offer to make sure this is a great decision.

3 MONTHS FREE CERTIFICATIONS  (UK and Eire dive centres only)

We are confident that there is nothing to fear from changing agencies but we want to put our money where our mouth is and back you with 3 months free certifications to kick start the change. This will not only compensate you for any cost or time to change it will also enable you to make some extra money while you’re settling in.

We can tell you how good RAID is but its not until you experience the RAID difference that you can be as certain as we are about the benefit RAID will be to your business.

How this works:

All certifications are bought in the usual way; at the end of the agreed three months we run a report on the certification numbers and credit usage. Once this is finalised these are re-supplied into your centres courses credit bank to be reapplied to new divers joining/training with you.

We need to build the awareness of the strength and simplicity of the RAID system, only by joining and training on the RAID platform can this be witnessed and the on-going value recognised.

Contact James or Robyn today to join the RAIDers team and see why we’re the fasting growing diver training agency in the world today!

Quote: 3FreeRAIDUK

Terms & Conditions apply:

All dive centres need to be registered for this offer by October 31st

General level & Try Dive credits only

RAID courses must be offered at an equal or greater level to other agency courses online – including website, social media and other promotional materials.

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