Free Boat Dive Speciality

RAID is really rocking the boat with this one – every student who signs up for Open Water 20 will receive the Boat Speciality absolutely free!

We want people to go diving, and we love the options that inland sites provide. It does seem that lake and quarry diver training is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and it’s often a staple of UK courses. Sometimes distance dictates that this is necessary, sometimes the weather just isn’t in our favour.

It is possible (although thankfully, rare) that divers can complete enough dives to become a DiveMaster or even an Instructor without ever diving in salt water! We recognise that inland training is a necessity in the UK, and we know that it’s conducted to extremely high standards. However, we can’t forget that upon certification, divers are likely to experience many different dive sites that vary from their initial training sites – including diving from a boat.

In an effort to get divers in the sea and experiencing all aspects of diving, RAID UK & Malta are crediting each RAID Student with a free Boat Diver  Speciality when they sign up for any course from Open Water 20.

The Boat Diver Speciality is not compulsory, but we are hoping that it will encourage more divers to experience the thrill of boat and ocean diving, and keep them engaged with the sport. It will also help our Dive Centres and Instructors earn more income as you can offer a bolt on course.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch with the office or drop our Membership Services Coordinator Robyn an email.

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