Ian France – joins RAID

Managing Director at RAID UK & Malta
James Rogers
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Time waits for no one

“For the last, almost 10 years, I have been working as a full time technical, cave and mine diving Instructor Trainer, but recently I have been looking for new and fresh challenges.

I have watched RAID grow over the last 6 years and liked their philosophy and commitment to modern quality diver training. Whilst I did have the opportunity to join them years ago, the time wasn’t right for me, but things change.

James Rogers – Managing Director RAID UK is quoted as saying; ‘there is a small and select group of top industry trainers with Ian’s reputation; we’re excited to have him on the team’.

I’ve accepted a position to work with RAID in several key areas, bringing my real-world and relevant experience, professionalism, and expertise (primarily in technical, cave and mine diving) to strengthen their UK and International teams.

In my role as a RAID IT I will not only be working with technical divers, but I will also have a large input in the recreational diving arena as well. This is an extremely exciting project since I will be able to work with all levels of Dive Centres and Dive Professionals, whether they are open water divers, technical, cave or mine.

Please get in touch.

I will work alongside James and Oli van Overbeek (UK Training Manager) at RAID UK on specific project and business development, and at RAID International I will be working with the Global Director of Training (Steve Lewis), assisting in the creation of more quality courses, content, standards, and SOP’s.

Most importantly, I will still remain on the frontline of diver education as I believe this the best way to stay grounded, develop the agency, and its products that fit the needs of the most important part of this industry – the diver.

Exciting times….”