RAID Receives Great News from HSE about Paperless Training

Most people in the dive industry love having fun and active instructors typically love to teach. One thing we all hate is paperwork. Not surprisingly when an incident does occur there is a mad scramble to make sure the paperwork is in place but unfortunately the paperwork is often incomplete or missing. This is certainly not the time to find out.

There is no doubt the RAID system is far superior in ensuring the “paperwork” is in place. The question that arises in the UK has been whether digital paperwork is accepted by the HSE. We thought the best thing to do was ask the HSE and after an explanation of our system they confirmed they are indeed happy with it.

This means you don’t have to duplicate your online records with additional paperwork The savings in time, storage and most importantly stress are enormous.

The benefits however run much deeper. Our results have confirmed that by teaching to a high standard, retention is significantly increased and from a safety, risk management and commercial point of view it makes sense to train to a higher standard, provided you don’t need to expend significantly more time in training.

In order to train to a higher standard, its more than just having a higher standard, you need to be able to ensure this standard is met. By making the student aware of all skills they should complete and having them sign off it increases their confidence and significantly increases the likelihood standards will be complied with. Student satisfaction increases dramatically.

Some people confuse delivering a higher standard of training with a higher degree of difficulty or a non- commercial time commitment. The RAID system saves an enormous amount of time in paperwork, our academics deliver a higher level of knowledge in far less time than most systems. Our practical training focuses heavily on developing greater skills and better buoyancy in confined water but this is more about how we teach than taking more time.

We have also had some dive professionals express a lack of confidence in being able to teach to our standards particularly in relation to in trim/diver position buoyancy control. Our training system is not just about training better divers its about “upskilling” instructors. Sure we have some incredible divers on our team and they have skills we all aspire to, but we do not expect all our instructors to train or dive at this level.

We are not an “elitist” training agency we simply believe there is a better way to train new divers and build a stronger industry.

The decision by the HSE to accept our online paperwork is a very important step forward in being able to fully implement all the benefits we offer at RAID.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how RAID can help you grow your business.

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