Dive RAID is an internationally recognized diver training agency offering a fully online training platform. We're currently the fastest growing diver training agency in the world, thanks to the many benefits we offer our dive centres, student divers and instructors

Created By Divers For Divers

RAID is not owned by a public corporation. It was created by divers for divers. We have a strong environmental ethos that is backed by our 100% online presence. All course manuals are online - we don't use paper and we don't have a big carbon footprint for shipping manuals across the world. Our online platform also means there's no freight costs or customs issues for our dive centres, which in turn lowers operating costs. 

Our Unique Online System

The online system allows students to study at their own pace wherever they like – at home, on the bus... anywhere! Classroom time at the dive centre is spent in the water. This frees up your classroom for other more profitable uses. There's no premium for online learning, it comes as standard, making it easy to market and more attractive to the youth sector. 

Our comprehensive online platform also incorporates a unique quality assurance system that helps ensure a consistent quality is maintained. 

Our online courses are automatically updated meaning you will never carry out of date stock. Each course also promotes further education and equipment sales, allowing dive centres to gain revenue from a variety of sources.

Buoyancy Is No Accident

All RAID courses from beginner to instructor have a strong emphasis on buoyancy control, fostering our environmental philosophy and improving the level of diver being trained. 


Get in touch with our Membership Services Coordinator to find out more about how RAID can help you, your dive centre and your students.