RAID Q Roller and Wetnotes

Don’t miss out on April Dive Show prices for our newest gadgets – a must for all new and existing RAID instructors.

RAID Wetnotes

Write everything you need for your dive and take it with you underwater. While down there, you can use them like a slate, but with so much more room!

Order them now at a special show price of £49.00

The RAID Q Roller

This innovative new product allows you to carry your instructor cue cards on your wrist and access them easily underwater – no more flipping through awkward plastic slates! You can load any RAID app into the roller and scroll through your diving skills and training reminders during the dive. You can even load a blank app and write on an extended slate.

Your RAID Q Roller is supplied with one blank app and one RAID app covering the following planning and courses:

  • Personal info
  • Emergency info
  • Dive planner
  • Common skills list (for all dives)
  • Try Dive
  • Scuba Diver and Junior Scuba Diver
  • Open Water 20 and Junior Open Water
  • Explorer 30
  • Advanced 35
  • Master Rescue

The slate can be wrist mounted, held in a pocket or used with a lanyard. Even though the app is quite long, you don’t need to look at all of it at once. You simply scroll to the dive you are doing and use it until the dive is complete. Most of the skills for a single dive can be seen on one page so there is no need to move it underwater.

Order one now at a special show price of £75.00

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