RAID @ The Great Northern Dive Show

Meet the team who will be on the stand at The Great Northern Dive Show

James Rogers

James is the Director of RAID UK & Malta. He has many years of experience working in the diving industry. He is keen to spread the word about RAID and promote the benefits RAID has, not only to divers but to instructors and dive centre owners.

Robyn Black

Robyn has been diving she was 13 years old and is now an Instructor Trainer for RAID. After working around the world she has returned to the UK as the Membership Co-ordinator for RAID UK & Malta. Robyn is also a Marine Biologist and keen to promote marine conservation activities to dive centres.

Olivier van Overbeek

Oli started diving in 1998 on holiday in the south of France, where he instantly fell in love with the underwater world. He’s a RAID Recreational and Technical Instructor Trainer as well as a test diver for various manufacturers, and a technical consultant and course author for dive RAID International. Oli runs DiveLife, in Manchester and Diving Matrix.

Pete Black

Pete has been an Instructor since 2004 and has run Deep Blue Pirates, in Whitley Bay, for the past 10 years. He has a wealth of diving knowledge for the UK and around the world as well as being a RAID Recreational Instructor Trainer.

Garry Dallas

Garry is a well-known figure in the diving industry, both here in the UK and around the world. He is a recreational and cave Instructor Trainer for RAID, he is also the go-to-guy for sidemount diving. Garry will also be giving a presentation at the show – watch this space for more details.

Rob Mackins

Rob has worked extensively in Europe as a dive guide and Instructor. He is now a RAID Recreational Instructor Trainer and has written the RAID First Aid course. He has in-depth knowledge in first aid and diversifying a dive centres business with additional courses.

Robyn Black

Membership Services Coordinator at RAID UK & Malta
Robyn has been diving since she was 13 years old. She's a RAID IT and avid marine biologist with a passion for UK diving. Robyn also handles all membership activities for RAID UK & Malta.
Robyn Black

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