RAID Try Dive Update


The RAID Try Dive course has been updated after consultation with RAID members.

Once the student and instructor have completed the sign off for the course, the dive centre can then complete the sign off and choose from with a confined or open water c-card option. Dive centres must choose the option that applies to the try dive they have conducted before processing the certification.

This was developed by special request as a result of Instructors feeling that there is a distinct difference between confined and open water try dives. We have also included a statement on the cards stating that the card is only valid for 7 days from date of issue. This was also a concern because Instructors from other RSTC agencies were unsure how long the RAID Try dive certifications were valid for.


If you have any questions on this update or issues with the system please contact the RAID UK office.

Robyn Black
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