It’s Nearly Time For RAID Renewal

RAID renewal period runs from October to October. However, to try and be as flexible as we can for our members, we offer a window of opportunity to renew at no penalty from July 1st each. New members are encouraged to renew at this time and to receive up to 15 months renewal for the same price.


Online Renewal is available round the clock to all our members – in the same way you can buy training credits online, you can also renew. However, the issue here for our UK members is that payment is only taken in US Dollars with taxes and currency adjustment on top (at the beginning of 2017, the dollar was 1.2 and is now trading at around 1.3 to the pound). To help our members, RAID UK & Malta allow renewals to be paid directly through the regional office at RAID UK & Malta, in sterling at a yearly fixed price – helping you money!

The  prices for 2017/2018 renewal are

Divemaster: £100.00

Instructor: £150.00

Dive Centre: £250.00

Freedive Instructor: £120.00

Freedive Centre: £200.00

All of these prices offer a saving on the USD online price. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, however we work very hard to ensure the best price for our members.

If you’d like to take advantage of this service, please get in touch with the office on 0191 4324644 or drop Robyn or James an email.

James Rogers

James Rogers

Managing Director at RAID UK & Malta
James Rogers

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