RAID UK & Malta Introduce A New Suite Of First Aid Courses

There have been some major developments in First Aid at RAID, particularly within our UK & Malta Region. We are excited to introduce two brand new programmes: RAID Diver First Aid and the RAID Accredited Work Place First Aid suite.

RAID Diver First Aid

The RAID Diver First Aid programme is in the final stages of checks before being launched on the RAID portal.  Brand new to RAID, this Emergency First Aid course addresses the types of injuries and illnesses commonly encountered by divers - a perfect complement to the RAID Master Rescue Course and the soon to be released Oxygen Provider Course.

RAID Diving Instructors will be able to teach RAID Diver First Aid once they have become a RAID Diver First Aid Instructor.  This can be completed during a one day crossover (for those already qualified as First Aid Instructors with other training organisations) or a two day course for those new to teaching First Aid.  Once qualified, there is no additional annual fee to be a RAID Diver First Aid Instructor.

RAID Accredited Work Place First Aid

The RAID Accredited Work Place First Aid suite includes two courses: Emergency First Aid At Work (a one day course) and First Aid At Work (a 3 day course). The programmes have been developed specifically for the UK market. Unlike the RAID Diver First Aid course, the accredited programmes can be offered to any company, enabling them to satisfy their HSE First Aid requirements. RAID UK & Malta are currently the only dive agency in the UK offering accredited workplace programmes through partnership with Qualsafe Awards.

Offering these accredited courses to divers and non-divers alike can be extremely lucrative, potentially increasing income for your RAID Dive Centre. One of our Northern centres recently ran the three day (18 hours) First Aid At Work course which generated over £2,500.

As this programme is RQF Nationally Accredited, there are several prerequisites to be eligible to teach. You must:

  • Hold a current accredited First Aid at Work Certificate
  • Hold an accredited teacher and assessor qualification (such as the Level 3 Award in Education & Training or similar teaching qualification)

RAID UK & Malta can deliver the required teacher and assessor courses which are open to all dive centre staff (it is not a requirement to be a RAID instructor for these programmes).

For more information on these new programmes or to find out scheduled dates for Education & Training courses, contact RAID’s Membership Services Co-Ordinator, Robyn (


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