RAID Sidemount Diver Course Updated

RAID is proud to announce the update of the RAID Sidemount Diver and Instructor programs.

Sidemount, although invented for cave diving, has become a mainstream recreational and technical equipment configuration. It allows for longer dives and provides the diver with an increased level of redundancy due to carrying two independent cylinders.

RAID Logo Use

For the past four years we have been growing fast as a company and now have a new partnership with Kalkomey Enterprises, things are moving even quicker. This is providing fantastic opportunities to further develop the RAID brand and also brings a need for RRO’s to control certain slightly better. With this in mind we must now draw your attention to the licensed use of the RAID logos.

New Registration Process

Since its conception Dive RAID has been known for its quality assurance system and data handling. The secure online system is already compliant with the new GDPR regulations. The new diver registration process has now been updated for ease of use.