Winter Hints & Tips

Winter is coming – for many of us it is already here with icy and snowy conditions throughout the country. This doesn’t mean that diving and teaching needs to come to a complete stop; use this time to get students interested in non-diving courses or specialities like Drysuit diving. Here is our list of RAID recommended winter month courses:

Equipment Specialty – a great course for any diver, giving them the chance to understand more about how their dive equipment works and how to care for it.

Nitrox Specialty – increase your no decompression time on recreational dives perfect for divers with liveaboard trips or diving holiday planned for next year.

First Aid – the RAID first aid course is tailored towards divers and dive related illness and injury. A fun and informative course for both instructor and student.

Drysuit Specialty – ideal for students wanting to continue their diving throughout the winter months. Drysuit diving can also help divers improve their buoyancy and trim in the water.

If you are diving throughout the winter months remember to take extra care both in and out of the water. Diving in the winter can give you some of the best visibility and conditions so enjoy it while you can!

We Need You!

Can you help us build our image library?

We are looking for high quality images to feature in our manuals, social media posts, magazine articles and beyond. We’re looking for everything diving related – from the all-black clad CCR diver to smiling faces around a pub table!

If you think you’ve got what we’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll send you further details.

Brand New O2 Administration Specialty

The RAID Oxygen Administration Specialty is now live and is the latest addition to our course range.

Our Director, James Rogers commented, “Divers need to know how to administer oxygen safely.  Many do, but there’s still divers out there who don’t have this life saving skill. Oxygen Administration will become a prerequisite for future Divemaster candidates and we actively encourage all professional members to ask themselves: are they up to date with teaching this programme?”

The course is delivered in traditional RAID style; with a user course for divers and an Instructor course for professionals. Not only are divers introduced to the different types of equipment, assembly, disassembly and delivery methodology, they’re also given a rationale on the care, potential hazards and clear diving advantages of effective oxygen administration.

For more information on this new specialty, or to apply for the instructor rating, contact the office.

RAID UK & Malta’s Team Grows Again!

RAID UK and Malta are pleased to announce a new Recreational Instructor Trainer in Malta and a move to the UK for another.

For over two years, Olivier Van Overbeek has been flying the flag for RAID in Malta. His time has been extremely productive – not only has he been delivering high quality RAID training, he has also helped to boost the number of RAID Dive Centres and Professionals in the region.

Oli is now moving to the UK to further develop Diving Matrix and continue supporting RAID activities. Although Oli will be based in the south, he will provide training all over the UK plus Malta will still feature as one of Diving Matrix’s Technical Training locations of choice.

He leaves a pioneering RAID footprint on the Islands and we congratulate him on his efforts over the least two years.

Stepping in to Oli’s position is Toby Van Pooss. As an experienced Instructor Trainer and owner of New Dimensions Scuba, RAID feel that Toby’s background will further develop and support members in Malta and Gozo.

To further assist the growing infrastructure in Malta, RAID also welcomes Steve Wilkinson – one of the islands top Technical Instructors. Steve will offer recreational and technical training and will be supporting the Maltaqua team with the RAID product.

RAID continue to grow rapidly with their unique blend of quality online training and modern in-water techniques. All Dive Centres and Professionals interested in standing out from the crowd are encouraged to contact the RAID UK & Malta head office to discuss the transition further.

Brand New Equipment Course

We are proud to present the all new Equipment specialty. Following feedback from instructors and students, we realised that there was a need for an in-depth equipment program.

The new course introduces students to how scuba gear actually functions. This detailed understanding is then used to master techniques for quick fixes in the field – the type that could “save a dive” should an issue arise while setting up, and to also identify problems that require the attention of a trained service technician.

Most equipment courses on offer are completely dry. Students never leave the classroom. Once again, RAID break the mould with our distinctive approach to student training. A unique component of this specialty includes a confined water session where the instructor works with students to correctly configure their own personal equipment for ultimate streamlining, trim and buoyancy.

Students are also given the opportunity to try out different kit configurations to discover what works best for them – a fantastic opportunity for divers looking to invest in new equipment, but who are unsure which is most suitable.

Furthermore, the in-water training isn’t limited to confined sites. Students also have the option to take their newly fine-tuned set up into open water to test it out in real dive conditions!

We strive to provide the most up to date and relevant training in the diving industry. This new specialty proves that thinking outside the box leads to valuable training experiences. Just because a course has historically been taught a certain way doesn’t mean it must stay like that. Modern diving is leading the way.


Are you an instructor looking to gain this specialty rating? Get in touch with the office for more info.

Are you a diver interested in taking this course? Find a dive centre near you!