If you are looking for the opportunity to improve the quality of dive training, or to make life easier as a dive centre owner, or, most importantly, to increase your profitability safely, then RAID offers all of this and more.

Pro Member Medical & Liability Release

I want to highlight one important area of RAID Membership. You may have now noticed that all Instructors will need to login and update their Medical & Liability Release (MLR) which will be valid until 1st October 2018 (renewal date) after which it will expire and following completion again, will be valid for a full 12 months (Expiry 1st Oct 2019).

Any question with ‘YES’; requires dive medical clearance, which should be sent to RAID UK for uploading to the relevant Instructor profile.

Once the medical is verified (HSE or other recognized doctors note) the status will look like this:

The RAID App will also be updated this week to follow the MLR requirements.

Any new Members can renew now (from July) and gain an additional three months of Membership for your first year.

It’s so important to be honest here, I’m 49 with at least 49.000 miles on my body-clock, my HSE medical covers me for my Yes’s, so me, my students and my company are all protected when they’re uploaded correctly onto the RAID system. It’s essential that everyone is truthful here!

It’s also required that all teaching pro’s have Public Liability insurance, you should supply this to us, where it’ll be uploaded too.

Remember, your allocated Dive Centre will help you with your Membership and the supply of these important documents. RAID UK and Malta only deal dive centres ideally, so ask your local RAID to help you.

So be Green not Red and renew like a pro!

Dive Centre Renewal Reminder

First things first – thank you for your support.

RAID has had a missive year, RAID global certification are doubling month on month, with new and exciting business joining and choosing to be RAID. One of these recent additions is Pro Dive Australia, the leading certifier in the Australian market.

RAID Instructor Exam July 2018

On July 7 & 8 RAID UK descended on Manchester and Eccleston Delph for a RAID Instructor Exam. 5 candidates were put through their paces as the future of RAID. The candidates had completed their Instructor Development programmes with 3 different RAID Dive Centres, involving 4 RAID Instructor Trainers based in the UK.