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For the past four years we have been growing fast as a company and now have a new partnership with Kalkomey Enterprises, things are moving even quicker. This is providing fantastic opportunities to further develop the RAID brand and also brings a need for RRO’s to control certain slightly better. With this in mind we must now draw your attention to the licensed use of the RAID logos.

New Registration Process

Since its conception Dive RAID has been known for its quality assurance system and data handling. The secure online system is already compliant with the new GDPR regulations. The new diver registration process has now been updated for ease of use.

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Renewed RAID Professionals will continue to receive communications from RAID through their membership agreement. From 25th May 2018 the new GDPR regulations come into play across Europe and we will need your permission to continue keeping you updated. As a RAID renewed professional you will still receive our communications as part of your “membership agreement”. As always we will only email you when we have something important to say! This will include our bi-monthly newsletter and any other urgent news articles. As you are aware it is a RAID standard for professional to keep up to date with the latest RAID standards; we can help you do this through our communications.

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