Winter Hints & Tips

Winter is coming – for many of us it is already here with icy and snowy conditions throughout the country. This doesn’t mean that diving and teaching needs to come to a complete stop; use this time to get students interested in non-diving courses or specialities like Drysuit diving. Here is our list of RAID recommended winter month courses:

Equipment Specialty – a great course for any diver, giving them the chance to understand more about how their dive equipment works and how to care for it.

Nitrox Specialty – increase your no decompression time on recreational dives perfect for divers with liveaboard trips or diving holiday planned for next year.

First Aid – the RAID first aid course is tailored towards divers and dive related illness and injury. A fun and informative course for both instructor and student.

Drysuit Specialty – ideal for students wanting to continue their diving throughout the winter months. Drysuit diving can also help divers improve their buoyancy and trim in the water.

If you are diving throughout the winter months remember to take extra care both in and out of the water. Diving in the winter can give you some of the best visibility and conditions so enjoy it while you can!

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Membership Services Coordinator at RAID UK & Malta
Robyn has been diving since she was 13 years old. She's a RAID IT and avid marine biologist with a passion for UK diving. Robyn also handles all membership activities for RAID UK & Malta.
Robyn Black

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