Become A RAID Dive Centre

RAID is already giving many the chance to deliver the quality of diver training they want and their diver deserve, whilst making the centres life easier for the owners and instructors regarding QA and administration, whilst increasing training profitability.

RAID was founded in 2006, and rebirthed under new owners in 2014; we were overwhelmed by the response to the new improved DiveRAID, with a significant number of instructors and dive centres joining RAID.

Supporting this, in 2018 DiveRAID received finical backing from the Inverness Graham Group. RAID is new, improving at pace on it being the first fully online diver training agency with a surprising powerful hybrid system of modern diver training in all areas.

DiveRAID is fully ISO accredited and recognized by the HSE, we are committed to improving the industry and diver training, maybe its time to consider a change.

Our regional office for the UK and Malta is now fully operational, with more staff and we have an ambitious marketing plan for the future, including promotion through events, shows and our website

How RAID Works For Students

Once students have affiliated with a dive centre, they can log on to the RAID website, read the course material, go through the Q&A process and receive evaluation – all online, in their own time. The dive centre can monitor their progress, offer help and advice if necessary, and eventually make arrangements for in-water training once the theoretical part of the course is completed.

Benefits For Students

  • Learn at their own pace, whenit suits them, where it suits them
  • No peer pressure from faster pupils or delay caused by slower learners
  • Clear and modern student information.
  • Available on any device connected to the internet/ or not.
  • Immediate assessment of Q&A submissions
  • Environmental / we don’t ship stuff three time around the world before it gets to you

Benefits For Dive Centres

  • Eliminates the need for in-store academic training without reducing your fees
  • Frees up classroom space for more quality teaching
  • Saves hours of paperwork/paper free
  • No need to buy physical stock, saving costs, storage and the possibility of incorrect deliveries
  • New course material immediately available online – no out-dated stock
  • Updated manuals are automatically available to your login – no need to purchase updated manuals
  • Significant savings on the cost of certification
  • RAID’s unparalleled regional marketing plan will drive new customers to your door

What Dive Centres Should Do Next

Contact RAID UK & Malta by email or phone. We’ll explain how simple it is to become a RAID facility. We don’t insist on exclusivity so you can still work freely with other agencies.