Renewal Deal Extended!

RAID announces extension of renewal offer.

We are pleased to announce that after numerous calls for us to supply more information about the renewal offer, we have extended the deadline to 15th September.

If you renew before this date you will receive the RAID Equipment Instructor course and RAID Boat Instructor course free!

This is a great offer so get your renewal done before the deadline and we will attach the courses to your profile. All you need to do is finish the study and then contact your regional office for sign off.

To renew, contact the office.

Should you choose to renew before September 20 you will still receive a Boat Diver Instructor course for free.

These are two very important specialty ratings and we want you to have both.

We are currently offering a free Boat Diver Specialty with every course from Open Water to Instructor. If you’re taking students on boats or want to encourage them to dive from a boat this is a great tool to use. In order to sign them off as a Boat Specialist you obviously need the rating and now you can get this for free. This follows from the Boat Diving promotion we offered a few months ago.

The all new Equipment Course is something very exciting. It is the most comprehensive mainstream Equipment Specialty course in the industry and it is much more than just gear familiarisation. It also covers all the equipment knowledge we would expect an Instructor to have as a minimum to become a RAID Instructor. Therefore, as an existing instructor you should complete the on line training.  We will later in 2018 be modifying standards to make Equipment Specialist a pre-requisite for new Instructors.

The new Equipment Specialist will be live early next week. Pre requisite for sign off as an Instructor will be completion of the on line theory plus a manufacturer’s certificate for completing a workshop on their equipment within the last 3 years.


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