RAID UK Gains Two New Instructor Trainers

In February Gen MacCallum and Kenny McGuire became recreational open circuit RAID Instructor Trainers. RAID UK & Malta would like to congratulate and welcome Gen and Kenny to the Instructor Trainer team. They both bring a vast wealth of diving experience to the team and we are looking forward to training more Instructors with them soon!

Here is a little background information on both Gen and Kenny:

Kenny started diving in 1990 and now runs C&C Marine in Largs, Scotland. He continued RAID as an instructor in 2014.

“2018 is already awesome!! I’m an Open Circuit Instructor Trainer, First Aid & Oxygen Instructor Trainer with an Agency that treats you as family and not a number. I am looking forward to seeing what future brings!”


Gen started diving in 2001 and now operates in connection with Skegness Aquarium. Gen is also a member of the RAID team delivering accredited first aid training.

“To say the ITP course in Tenerife with Paul Vincent Toomer was a blast would be an understatement, and for me to say that I am now at the top of the ladder – well it still hasn’t sunk in fully and I really can’t wait to teach my first Instructor Development Program knowing that I have such an amazing dive family behind me.”

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Membership Services Coordinator at RAID UK & Malta
Robyn has been diving since she was 13 years old. She's a RAID IT and avid marine biologist with a passion for UK diving. Robyn also handles all membership activities for RAID UK & Malta.
Robyn Black

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