Explained: Roll-Back of Course Credits

In each edition of The Loop, we like to highlight an example of RAID's innovation in the diving industry - this month we'd like to explain our unique Roll-Back feature for course credits.

RAID is committed to your commercial success, and making great divers is at the heart of this statement. So, if for whatever reason a student can't complete their course, you can "roll-back" or re-stock the credit to the centre that issued it, assuming the course hasn't expired.



There are many reasons why a customer may not be able to be certified. We can look at the Freediving course as an example. As you know, this course is not a "show up and pass" programme. It's actually very technical. We've found that equalisation mastery alone prevents one in three students from being certified in the UK. Being able to roll-back the course credit means that your dive centre hasn't wasted a credit on a student who was unable to complete. Roll it back, and reissue it.

By effectively managing your customer progress and credit stock, using the roll-back feature can save your dive centre time and money. If you'd like more information on the roll-back feature, get in touch with our membership services coordinator Robyn, or give the office a ring (0191 4324 644)


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