Divemaster Instructor Prerequisites

As of the 1st October 2017, only Divemaster Instructors or higher will be able to sign off Divemasters.

RAID Divemaster Instructor


The purpose of this rating is to recognise RAID Instructors (Open Circuit) who have achieved the requirements to teach RAID Divemasters through training and experience.

PREREQUISITES in addition to the RGDS:
1. Be a minimum of 18 years old.
2. Be a renewed RAID Open Circuit Instructor for at least 12 months.
3. Have 200 logged hours.
4. Have certified a minimum of 35 students with the following minimums:

a. 5 from Open Water 20
b. 5 from Explorer 30 or Advanced 35
c. 5 Master Rescue
d. 10 Specialties


A Certified Instructor, from a recognised training agency, may apply in writing to the RRO for accreditation as a RAID Divemaster Instructor through past experience. In order to do so they must meet all RAID prerequisites for Divemaster Instructor.


For certification as a RAID Divemaster Instructor a written application must be forwarded to the local RRO.
Once approval is granted the rating may be purchased online and signed off by a RAID Instructor Trainer or Examiner.
NOTE: The above requirements do not guarantee acceptance by RAID who has the sole decision to accept or ask for further requirements to be met.


Only a RAID Instructor Trainer or Examiner may certify a RAID Divemaster Instructor.


This seminar is for RAID Instructors that have the prerequisites to upgrade to RAID Divemaster Instructor. This seminar is run by a renewed RAID IT or above. Instructors need to read and complete the online training for Divemaster Instructor before this seminar. It is also important to review the RAID Divemaster student manuals before this seminar.

Seminar Content

  • Review the Powerpoint “Teaching Divemasters” from the IDP powerpoints
  • Review RAID General Diving Standards
  • Review the Divemaster Instructor Guide
  • Workshop on the sequence of Divemaster training
  • Workshop on the practical applications of the Divemaster course
  • Workshop on the scoring criteria for each section and tools to use


  • The RAID IT may elect to run an in water skills workshop
  • The RAID IT may request that candidates present a section of the Divemaster program

Following the seminar all successful candidates will be signed off as RAID Divemaster Instructors


Read more about the revamped Divemaster Program


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