Dive Centre Renewal Reminder

First things first – thank you for your support.

RAID has had a missive year, RAID global certification are doubling month on month, with new and exciting business joining and choosing to be RAID. One of these recent additions is Pro Dive Australia, the leading certifier in the Australian market.

I want to highlight several key points to your Dive Centre renewal.

First, you like divers and Instructor can buy and Renew online in USD$ – 24/7-365, however like your course credits RAID UK have positioned a trade GBP£ level price-point for centre’s only.

Please renew directly with your regional office and as you renew your Centre’s think about your Instructor team too, you can group all these together at one time and save money on their renewal as well. Be aware you can only renew Instructors you have affiliated to your centre.

For the fourth year running RAID UK will be holding our RRO pricing for you, yes, really, no trade price increase again!

There is a change this year; we will not offer the RRO renewal discount to Instructors who aren’t certifying/affiliated to a Centre.

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Ask us about, RAID Connect and ensure your Instructors ALL have the Instructor Specialties they need and deserve.

Click here to request and 2018/9 RAID UK Pricelist now.


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