Brand New O2 Administration Specialty

The RAID Oxygen Administration Specialty is now live and is the latest addition to our course range.

Our Director, James Rogers commented, “Divers need to know how to administer oxygen safely.  Many do, but there’s still divers out there who don’t have this life saving skill. Oxygen Administration will become a prerequisite for future Divemaster candidates and we actively encourage all professional members to ask themselves: are they up to date with teaching this programme?”

The course is delivered in traditional RAID style; with a user course for divers and an Instructor course for professionals. Not only are divers introduced to the different types of equipment, assembly, disassembly and delivery methodology, they’re also given a rationale on the care, potential hazards and clear diving advantages of effective oxygen administration.

For more information on this new specialty, or to apply for the instructor rating, contact the office.

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