Bay Divers join RAID

RAID are pleased to announce another centre chooses the new RAID way; Bay Divers, led by Karl Kruger an experienced former military diver. Karl has dived extensively throughout the world and has developed a passion for wreck diving and exploration.

Karl is a multi-agency Recreational and Technical instructor, and likes what he’s seen, heard and learnt about RAID after taking the time to examine it.

“RAID’s rebreather, technical and ResEx platforms offers something different that I really like, with deep rebreather diving as my main focus ” says Karl, who has dived his JJ-CCR to depths in excess of 100 metres and has been involved in a number of exploration projects, one of which is still on-going.

James Rogers – Business Director (RAID UK) is quoted “With increasing organic growth like this within our RAID ranks, RAID’s fourth year under new ownership is looking bright, how much do you know about the fasting growth diver training agency in the world today?

Visit or for more information. Or contact the UK office to find out how to join RAID now.

Robyn Black

Membership Services Coordinator at RAID UK & Malta
Robyn has been diving since she was 13 years old. She's a RAID IT and avid marine biologist with a passion for UK diving. Robyn also handles all membership activities for RAID UK & Malta.
Robyn Black

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