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General (Training Procedures)


If a student does not complete the online course Quick Quiz or Exam in front of the RAID Instructor and the Instructor was not always in attendance during the Quick Quiz or Exam, then the student must complete the appropriate Quick Quiz at the Dive Centre to demonstrate knowledge and confirm that the academic work was done by them.

Point 8 page 7 – RGDS V54 4.6

How To Order From RAID

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The year has started with another flourish of RAID activity, and our members will need service support from their RAID Regional Office (RRO) from time to time.

Here’s a guide on how to order from RAID UK & Malta in 2018.


Buying Credits

Dive Centres should always buy their credit directly from their RRO. The trade level pricing we offer makes RAID a leader in materials use and supply.  Minimum stock levels can be maintained using the “credit bank” on your dive centre profile. The 2018 Pricelist is available (get in touch if you’ve not yet received it) and the good news is that RAID pricing has remained unchanged this year!

The Dive Centre can buy goods and services for their “instructional team”. For example, if you have four instructors affiliated to your centre, all wanting to renewal their Membership at the same time, the centre can do this through the RRO, potentially saving money too. The requirement is that all goods and services bought through the RRO are paid for for by the Dive Centre and not the individual RAID Members.



RAID UK has a selection of physical merchandise available (see Pricelist). As these will need to be shipped, we reserve the right to charge shipping fees to cover our costs here, and we don’t profit on our shipping costs to you!



Plastic c-Cards have a set fee to Dive Centres (only £7.50) allowing for a £15/£20 retail point to our divers. This includes all shipping (standard post or international post) with a 3-7 working day delivery pledge. Large Dive Centres may want to consider a c-Card printer for their facility, allowing them to instantly print cards for their students.



We accept all credit and debit cards, with no additional fees. We don’t offer any payment terms, so all invoices must be paid in full up front. Please check if additional charges from your bank are added on international orders – these are at your own cost.


Instructors not affiliated to a RAID dive centre are unable to deliver RAID courses. However, they can still purchase courses and services for their own personal development through the RAID website shopping cart.



We hope this helps – let’s get busy.