Renew With RAID Now And Receive Two FREE Instructor Specialties

It’s renewal time at RAID!

Renew before the 31st of August and receive a free Boat Diving Instructor course valued at $80. Plus our brand new Equipment Specialist Instructor course also valued at $80. That’s $160 value for free!*
Should you choose to renew before September 20 you will still receive a Boat Diver Instructor course for free.
These are two very important specialty ratings and we want you to have both.
We are currently offering a free Boat Diver Specialty with every course from Open Water to Instructor. If you're taking students on boats or want to encourage them to dive from a boat this is a great tool to use. In order to sign them off as a Boat Specialist you obviously need the rating and now you can get this for free. This follows from the Boat Diving promotion we sent a few months ago.



The all new Equipment Course is something very exciting. It is the most comprehensive mainstream Equipment Specialty course in the industry and it is much more than just gear familiarisation. It also covers all the equipment knowledge we would expect an Instructor to have as a minimum to become a RAID Instructor. Therefore, as an existing instructor you should complete the online training.  We will later in 2018 be modifying standards to make Equipment Specialist a prerequisite for new Instructors.
The new Equipment Specialist will be live early next week. Prerequisite for sign off as an Instructor will be completion of the online theory plus a manufacturer’s certificate for completing a workshop on their equipment within the last 3 years.


For more information on these specialities or to sort your renewal, get in touch with the office.

Discounted Annual Membership For Committed Professionals

RAID UK & Malta have made an unprecedented approach to rewarding the hard work of their member base. In return for conducting the highest quality courses in the industry, RAID UK & Malta have made a commitment to discount annual membership fees!

It seems that other training agencies deem a letter with a “pat on the back” message as appropriate for a year’s hard graft. How many times have instructors received their “elite” status and wished they could be rewarded with something more worthwhile than a cert card sticker. After all, the members are the heart of any training agency – we recognise that without you, our agency will never reach it’s potential.

We take all suggestions from our members seriously. RAID Instructors and Dive Centres are actively invited to critique courses and put forward improvements. This also extends to membership services. RAID may not be the largest training agency in the world, and nor do we strive to be. Instead we are a close-knit family where every instructor is valued, members are a name and not just a number. When a new idea is proposed or concern aired, RAID listen.

RAID UK & Malta want to reward their members for their hard work and dedication to RAID. Within the renewal period of October to October;

  • Any RAID Instructor that certifies 25 students will receive a 50% reduction on their online renewal fee for their next renewal
  • Any RAID Instructor that certifies 50 students will receive FREE membership for their next renewal
  • Any RAID Dive Centre that certifies 100 students will receive FREE Dive Centre membership for their next renewal

If you meet these criteria then do not hesitate to apply this discount to your next renewal, due in October. There can be no retrospective discounts given, so contact the office to renew now! 

James Rogers, Director of RAID UK & Malta explained his decision. “Our goal is to support our members. By building this great incentive programme, a committed RAID Dive Centre or Instructor does not need to spend huge sums on Membership Renewals each year to continue training RAID divers. How refreshing!”

Once again RAID are leading the way in the diving industry. With renewals on the horizon, there is no better time to get in touch. If you are considering becoming a RAID Instructor, regular Instructor Development Programs and Cross Over courses are held throughout the region.  Special crossover rates available for bespoke Dive Centres and Instructor teams delivered at your location.


Renewal Requirements

When you renew your membership with RAID digital copies of the following documents are required:

  • An updated list of all non-RAID diving qualifications – including First Aid at work and O2 Provider equivalent
  • Instructor/Dive Centre Insurance
  • Diving Medical – HSE medical (UK Only)
  • Local trading licences (Malta only)

Contact the office to renew now

Renewal Countdown


Don't let your membership lapse - contact the office to renew now