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We have some very special prices on our RAID Merchandise for renewing members.


If you'd like to purchase any products then get in touch!


RAID Softshell Jacket £30.00

RAID T-Shirt £15.00


RAID Flag £25.00

RAID Stickers £12.50

RAID Membership Renewal – What You Need To Know

Managing Director at RAID UK & Malta
James Rogers
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To get the best price for your RAID membership 2018 enquire directly through RAID UK & Malta. Online pricing is always quoted in US Dollars with tax added on top; RAID UK are pleased to offer a discounted rate to their members in a continued effort to support you and your business.

Contact James or Robyn at the RAID UK & Malta office to get your membership renewal quote. You can renew now ahead of the October renewal date.

The prices for 2017-18 renewals

Divemaster: £100.00

Instructor: £150.00

Dive Centre: £250.00

Freedive Instructor: £120.00

Freedive Centre: £200.00

From October there will be an increase in renewal price so get ahead of the game and renew early!




Renewal: $120.00

Tax:          $ 44.00

Online Total: $144.00

Converted Total: £111.00


Total: £100.00

SAVING: £11.00




Renewal: $210.00

Tax:          $ 42.00

Online Total: $252.00

Converted Total: £194.00


Total: £150.00

SAVING: £44.00




Renewal: $360.00

Tax:          $ 72.00

Online Total: $432.00

Converted Total: £332.00


Total: £250.00

SAVING: £82.00




Renewal: $150.00

Tax:          $30.00

Online Total: $180.00

Converted Total: £138.00


Total: £120.00

SAVING: £18.00




Renewal: $250.00

Tax:          $50.00

Online Total: $300.00

Converted Total: £231.00


Total: £200.00

SAVING: £31.00


Once you have received your quote from RAID UK you need to send the following documentation through to the office:

  • Your current HSE medical approval
  • Your professional diving insurance (this can be as an individual professional or a dive centre insurance covering staff members)
  • Any medical letters that give you clearance to dive following a condition flagged up in the medical questionnaire


All of these documents will be loaded onto your RAID profile as part of our extensive quality assurance system.


The Updated RAID Divemaster Program is Live!

Managing Director at RAID UK & Malta
James Rogers
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The completion of the new RAID Divemaster program represents a major milestone for RAID. We have now completely overhauled every program from Try Dive to Instructor Trainer. RAID can proudly boast the most modern training system in the industry!

The Divemaster course is critical and forms the foundation professional level and prerequisite for instructor training.

We are extremely proud of this program and we believe is the best in the industry. It creates a well-rounded dive professional with the knowledge and practical skills that will make them a cut above the industry standard.

This is an important step in RAID training as it feeds the RAID Instructor Development Program (IDP). We want RAID Divemasters to receive the same level of skills training as the Instructor, plus give them scenarios that will prepare them for real world professional diving work, including working with real students and certified divers.

In reviewing our, and indeed other agency, material being used in the industry we decided to rewrite many of the manuals in the course. We have kept what was important, added new relevant information and revised the skills and sequence of the course. This was done in consultation with industry experts, Dive Centres, Instructors and consumers.

We believe we achieved our goal, which was to modernise our program with relevant content and extremely high standards of skills training, thus making the RAID Divemaster the best in the industry.

RAID International would like to thank all the people who had input on this program. Particularly Gary Hawkes and the Gempearl team in Australia for their advice. We also would like to thank Leslie Finlay who has given us great information in the environment section. We appreciate the input from our global team and look forward to all your comments.


What has changed in the academic sections?

  • Diving in General – completely new and covers the following:
    • Overview of training
    • Working with children
    • Types of diving
    • General dive industry overview
  • Environment – revised with important marine conservation sections and case studies added.
  • Equipment – completely new and while still educates on equipment it has been modernised and outlines the Divemasters role and understanding of equipment when working with divers.
  • Physics – revised
  • Physiology – revised
  • Rescue – completely new and aims to avoid rescues, with better coverage of the psychology of rescue, dive planning, risk assessment, human factors, situational awareness, positioning diagrams and critical incident stress debriefs.
  • Management – revised with information linking the Divemaster slates.
  • Confined water – removed, all confined water training is in the combined in water training manual
  • Open water – completely new, this manual now incorporates the confined and open water training manual. This manual is in a more logical sequential order. It forms the basis of the Instructor Guide. New forms and a complete appendix guide the Divemasters in training.

 What practical components are in the “Divemaster In Water Training Manual”?

  • Stamina exercises reviewed
  • Knot workshop – made relevant to practical Divemaster application
  • Tank filling workshop – An important addition that outlines basic safety and procedures for using a fill station. It does not replace formal training but is used as an introduction to give Divemaster candidates an idea of the procedures, dangers, and safety protocols with an overview of their local tank fill station.
  • Skill demonstration – a better outline and description of each skill with a common problems list added.
  • Mapping project – revised tying the briefings, RMS and environmental concerns together.
  • Risk management preparation – revised
  • Practical application is in 2 phases:
    • Phase 1 Assisting
      • Assist with real Open Water 20 program
      • Assist with real or simulated Explorer 30 or Advanced 35
      • Assist with real or simulated Master Rescue
    • Phase 2 Leadership
      • Assist continuing education divers in open water
      • Leading certified divers in open water
      • Running refresher program
      • Try dive training
    • Briefings and debriefing
      • Dive Site Brief
      • Dive Brief
      • Environmental Brief
      • Dive Debrief
    • Dive flexible skills as listed
    • Professionalism and attitude evaluation

Find out more about the requirements for delivering the program and the Divemaster Instructor Rating.

Divemaster Instructor Prerequisites

Managing Director at RAID UK & Malta
James Rogers
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As of the 1st October 2017, only Divemaster Instructors or higher will be able to sign off Divemasters.

RAID Divemaster Instructor


The purpose of this rating is to recognise RAID Instructors (Open Circuit) who have achieved the requirements to teach RAID Divemasters through training and experience.

PREREQUISITES in addition to the RGDS:
1. Be a minimum of 18 years old.
2. Be a renewed RAID Open Circuit Instructor for at least 12 months.
3. Have 200 logged hours.
4. Have certified a minimum of 35 students with the following minimums:

a. 5 from Open Water 20
b. 5 from Explorer 30 or Advanced 35
c. 5 Master Rescue
d. 10 Specialties


A Certified Instructor, from a recognised training agency, may apply in writing to the RRO for accreditation as a RAID Divemaster Instructor through past experience. In order to do so they must meet all RAID prerequisites for Divemaster Instructor.


For certification as a RAID Divemaster Instructor a written application must be forwarded to the local RRO.
Once approval is granted the rating may be purchased online and signed off by a RAID Instructor Trainer or Examiner.
NOTE: The above requirements do not guarantee acceptance by RAID who has the sole decision to accept or ask for further requirements to be met.


Only a RAID Instructor Trainer or Examiner may certify a RAID Divemaster Instructor.


This seminar is for RAID Instructors that have the prerequisites to upgrade to RAID Divemaster Instructor. This seminar is run by a renewed RAID IT or above. Instructors need to read and complete the online training for Divemaster Instructor before this seminar. It is also important to review the RAID Divemaster student manuals before this seminar.

Seminar Content

  • Review the Powerpoint “Teaching Divemasters” from the IDP powerpoints
  • Review RAID General Diving Standards
  • Review the Divemaster Instructor Guide
  • Workshop on the sequence of Divemaster training
  • Workshop on the practical applications of the Divemaster course
  • Workshop on the scoring criteria for each section and tools to use


  • The RAID IT may elect to run an in water skills workshop
  • The RAID IT may request that candidates present a section of the Divemaster program

Following the seminar all successful candidates will be signed off as RAID Divemaster Instructors


Read more about the revamped Divemaster Program

RAID Will Help Provide The Team At Blue Abyss – Are You Interested?

Managing Director at RAID UK & Malta
James Rogers
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Blue Abyss, the world’s first commercial deep sea to space research, training and test centre is working to redevelop RAF Henlow site.

RAID will help provide the 35-strong training team at the facility, comprised of the finest recreational, commercial, technical and freediving instructors in the world.

This will surely be one of the most exciting new dive sites that will have divers clambering to visit. However, if you want to conduct or take part in a dive training course at this fantastic facility – it’s time to consider RAID. Divers from all training agencies will be invited to dive at Blue Abyss, but only RAID Instructors affiliated to RAID Dive Centres will be permitted to conduct courses.

John Vickers chose RAID as a partner for Blue Abyss because of our shared ethos and approach – we were the perfect brand fit for the facility.

“Dive RAID is taking diver training to the next millennium. It is the ideal training vehicle for diving instruction at Blue Abyss and will complement the specialist space agency, military and medical training that our divers will also undergo.”

Housing the world’s largest 50m deep pool, a hotel, an astronaut training centre including parabolic flight capability, hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers and a human performance centre, the £120m facility is due to open in 2019.

Our Managing Director, James Rogers said that recruitment will start soon for the facility’s training crew. “These jobs will be highly sought after. We’re looking for divers with a commitment to training and a sense of adventure. Right now, the only prerequisite for the positions are that applicants hold an Instructor rating from a recognised training agency with experience of at least one year. The training regime for the posts will be intensive. All successful applicants will undergo astronaut support, dive technician and hyperbaric training amongst many other courses. The strongest candidates will be sent to NASA in America for further training with a view to coach the rest of the team on their return. In my 30 years in the diving industry, I have never seen an opportunity like this.”

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