It’s Nearly Time For RAID Renewal

RAID renewal period runs from October to October. However, to try and be as flexible as we can for our members, we offer a window of opportunity to renew at no penalty from July 1st each. New members are encouraged to renew at this time and to receive up to 15 months renewal for the same price.


Online Renewal is available round the clock to all our members – in the same way you can buy training credits online, you can also renew. However, the issue here for our UK members is that payment is only taken in US Dollars with taxes and currency adjustment on top (at the beginning of 2017, the dollar was 1.2 and is now trading at around 1.3 to the pound). To help our members, RAID UK & Malta allow renewals to be paid directly through the regional office at RAID UK & Malta, in sterling at a yearly fixed price – helping you money!

The  prices for 2017/2018 renewal are

Divemaster: £100.00

Instructor: £150.00

Dive Centre: £250.00

Freedive Instructor: £120.00

Freedive Centre: £200.00

All of these prices offer a saving on the USD online price. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, however we work very hard to ensure the best price for our members.

If you’d like to take advantage of this service, please get in touch with the office on 0191 4324644 or drop Robyn or James an email.

Unlimited RAID Try Dive Credits for the rest of 2017

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Try Dive experiences conducted all over the world each year. As you know, Try Dives hold higher liabilities than other courses, particularly when they’re being conducted in open water. All prudent Instructors and Dive Centres consider these risks and will always opt to conduct a Try Dive through a recognised training agency.

To promote this further, RAID UK & Malta are offering free Try Dive credits for the remainder of 2017.

We’re sure that Try Dives are one of the most profitable products offered by your centre. These free credits will also help increase your margins and hopefully promote many try dive students to convert into full Open Water 20 Courses!

If you’re not yet a RAID Dive Centre, now is the perfect opportunity to cross over. Not only will you benefit from the free Try Dive Credits, if you sign up in July you’ll also receive three months of membership completely free!

If you’d like to cross over and become a RAID Dive Centre, get in touch with the office on 0191 4324644, or drop an email to Robyn our Membership Services Coordinator.

RAID Opens Three New Dive Centres in the UK

We’re leading the way in the UK diving industry with the opening of three brand new dive centres. Dive Blue Horizon in Wakefield, Severn Tec in Shrewsbury and The Fifth Point in Northumberland are dedicated RAID Dive Centres offering solely RAID training.

It’s clear that RAID’s fresh approach to diver training aligns with the core values of many UK dive centres.

Adrian Fox of Dive Blue Horizon chose RAID “because of their high standards and progressive approach towards training”. It’s obvious that RAID UK & Malta staff have real influence over the people they meet. Rather than sitting in an office, the company Directors James Rogers and Garry Dallas are travelling the country, hitting the water and showing divers what RAID is like, rather than just talking about it.

At The Fifth Point, owners Nic Emery and James Learwood realised the benefits of RAID during an in-water workshop with RAID Instructor Trainer, Edd Stockdale.

“We’ve been teaching diving for years, and just a couple of hours in the water with Edd turned everything we knew on its head. It opened up a whole new way of teaching and modern diving slapped us in the face, making us wonder why we’d never thought of it before.”

When they recently launched their new venture, modern diving became the corner stone of their business.

“We’ve gone fully ‘tecreational’. All our students learn in wing and long hose configuration from the beginning. We’re creating confident and competent divers by teaching RAID.”

Kevin Murphy, owner of SevernTec was “frustrated with the watered-down approach to dive training” that he’d witnessed in the industry. He discovered RAID and reaped the benefits while conducting Sidemount training with RAID UK and Malta’s Director of Training, Garry Dallas.

“I’ve always thought that skills like propulsion, buoyancy and DSMB use are core skills – not something that should be bolted on as an afterthought. RAID is the only training agency I’ve seen that has these as fundamentals from the very beginning.”

“I like the RAID style of teaching. I’ve got standards to follow, but I’m given the freedom to add my own style. RAID creates better divers. If a student is struggling, I can spend more time with them – it’s not a box ticking exercise.”

Kevin also loves the support from RAID UK and Malta HQ. “The office is there when I need them, even if it’s after business hours I usually get a phone call on the back of a message sent in the evening or at weekends.”

These new dive centres prove that RAID is at the forefront of a change in the diving industry. Far from the industry becoming stagnant, new ventures are taking a different approach to diving and using RAID as their training agency of choice.

Dive Centre Spotlight: Dive Blue Horizon, Wakefield

Dive Blue Horizon is a brand new RAID dive centre located in Wakefield. The founder, Adrian Fox, is well known for his passion for diving – in particular his love of sidemount and cave. He heads a team of experienced instructors with one mission – to spread this passion around new and experienced divers alike.

Adrian chose to offer RAID diver training at Dive Blue Horizon because he firmly believes that there are “no shortcuts in training”. He feels that the RAID ethos aligns closely with his own beliefs. The centre has recently expanded to include Garry Dallas as their Instructor Trainer and plan to hold Instructor Development Programmes very soon.

They recently held an open day to showcase their impressive new centre. RAID UK & Malta’s Garry Dallas and Robyn Black were in attendance.


For more information, check out Dive Blue Horizon’s website and Facebook page, or email them directly.

If you’d like your own dive centre to be featured in our next spotlight, get in touch!


Free Boat Dive Speciality

RAID is really rocking the boat with this one – every student who signs up for Open Water 20 will receive the Boat Speciality absolutely free!

We want people to go diving, and we love the options that inland sites provide. It does seem that lake and quarry diver training is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and it’s often a staple of UK courses. Sometimes distance dictates that this is necessary, sometimes the weather just isn’t in our favour.

It is possible (although thankfully, rare) that divers can complete enough dives to become a DiveMaster or even an Instructor without ever diving in salt water! We recognise that inland training is a necessity in the UK, and we know that it’s conducted to extremely high standards. However, we can’t forget that upon certification, divers are likely to experience many different dive sites that vary from their initial training sites – including diving from a boat.

In an effort to get divers in the sea and experiencing all aspects of diving, RAID UK & Malta are crediting each RAID Student with a free Boat Diver  Speciality when they sign up for any course from Open Water 20.

The Boat Diver Speciality is not compulsory, but we are hoping that it will encourage more divers to experience the thrill of boat and ocean diving, and keep them engaged with the sport. It will also help our Dive Centres and Instructors earn more income as you can offer a bolt on course.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch with the office or drop our Membership Services Coordinator Robyn an email.