Changes to Manufacturer Specific Rebreather Documentation

Please note that with immediate effect, RAID will no longer upload specific rebreather manufacturer manuals to the online system. Instead, students will access a PDF directing the diver to download the user manual from the rebreather manufacturer’s website.

Why have we done this?
Some manufacturers are slow to update their manuals, whereas others update them very often. RAID have made the decision to direct divers to the most up to date resources, therefore reducing any issues regarding liability for training that follows these manufacturer guidelines.

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Explained: Roll-Back of Course Credits

In each edition of The Loop, we like to highlight an example of RAID's innovation in the diving industry - this month we'd like to explain our unique Roll-Back feature for course credits.

RAID is committed to your commercial success, and making great divers is at the heart of this statement. So, if for whatever reason a student can't complete their course, you can "roll-back" or re-stock the credit to the centre that issued it, assuming the course hasn't expired.



There are many reasons why a customer may not be able to be certified. We can look at the Freediving course as an example. As you know, this course is not a "show up and pass" programme. It's actually very technical. We've found that equalisation mastery alone prevents one in three students from being certified in the UK. Being able to roll-back the course credit means that your dive centre hasn't wasted a credit on a student who was unable to complete. Roll it back, and reissue it.

By effectively managing your customer progress and credit stock, using the roll-back feature can save your dive centre time and money. If you'd like more information on the roll-back feature, get in touch with our membership services coordinator Robyn, or give the office a ring (0191 4324 644)


James Rogers in Malta

RAID UK & Malta Managing Director, James Rogers has recently returned from a very productive week in Malta and Gozo

Before the re-launch of DiveRAID in 2014, we were only supported by one Dive Centre in Malta – Techwise. I’m delighted to see growing support and after my recent trip we now have six RAID Dive Centres in the area.

The new names include Maltaqua, New Dimension Scuba, Watercolours Dive Centre and Atlantis Dive Centre, building on RAID’s plan to create a high quality base of dive centres offering the RAID system of diver training. Inner Space have also joined RAID as a Freediving facility.

I’d like to thanks all the Dive Centres I met and spoke to about RAID, your open-mindedness was refreshing. For those centres still waiting for the agreed follow-up communication from me, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you!

RAID Instructor Crossovers are available on demand in Malta. The next scheduled event will take place in October 2017. If you’d like any more details about crossover courses or becoming a RAID centre, get in touch.

RAID C-Card Makeover

Dive Centre and RSTC Logo’s on all C-Cards

It is with great excitement that we can finally announce an upgrade to RAID C-Cards.

RAID are committed to promoting your business which is why all digital e-Cards and plastic C-Cards will now feature your Dive Centre logo.

The cards will also display the RSTC logo as we are proud members of this organisation.

The photo-generation software has recently been upgraded. Log on to your RAID profile and update your photo and ensure that a godo quality image of your logo is featured in your dive centre profile to take full advantage.

If you have any further questions then get in touch!