Robyn Black

Robyn Black

Membership Services Coordinator at RAID UK & Malta
Robyn has been diving since she was 13 years old. She's a RAID IT and avid marine biologist with a passion for UK diving. Robyn also handles all membership activities for RAID UK & Malta.
Robyn Black

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Dive RAID is an internationally recognized diver training agency offering a fully online training platform. It is currently the fastest growing diver training agency in the world, thanks to the many benefits it offers to dive centres, student divers and instructors. 

Dive RAID is not owned by a public corporation, it was created by divers for divers. It has a strong environmental message that is backed by its 100% online presence. All course manuals are online meaning no paper or big carbon footprint for shipping manuals across the world. The online platform also means no freight costs or customs issues for dive centres, as well as lower operating costs. 

The online system allows students to study at their own pace wherever they like – at home, on the bus, anywhere. Classroom time at the dive centre is spent in the water not on land, freeing up your classroom for other more profitable uses. There is no premium for online learning, it comes as standard, making it easy to market and more attractive to the youth sector.

 RAID’s comprehensive online platform incorporates a unique quality assurance system that helps ensure a consistent quality is maintained. 

All RAID courses from beginner to instructor have a strong emphasis on buoyancy control. Once again this adds to our environmental message as well as improving the level of diver being trained. 

The online courses are automatically updated meaning you will never carry out of date stock. Each course also promotes further education and equipment sales allowing dive centres to gain revenue from a variety of sources.


But don't just take our word for it - here's what real RAIDers think...

Pete Black, Instructor Trainer, Deep Blue Pirates

The main plus point with RAID for me is the impressive quality assurance system; everything is signed off not only by the instructor but also by the student and the dive centre. This triple-check system is very reassuring to me as a dive centre owner. 

Since becoming a RAID dive centre and embracing the RAID way, we have found that our students follow our example. Many of them who have qualifications with other agencies are now continuing their diving education with RAID courses on our recommendation.


Kevin Murphy, Instructor, Severn Tec Diving

I have diving and instructor qualifications from several agencies but I chose to go with RAID because of the support and mentoring I got from Garry Dallas during my early diving journey. I believe that students choose an instructor rather than choose an agency.

 I like the online system with RAID as it allows me to monitor a student’s progress and adapt the course to fit their needs. After selling them the course pack I can invite them in for the quick quizzes before confined sessions. This gives me the opportunity to engage with them and potentially sell equipment, trips or more courses. The neutrally buoyant diver is a huge bonus for me. With RAID I can have my students neutrally buoyant in the water doing skills and have them fully ready for diving in open water. The courses focus of time in the water, which allows instructors to fully prepare their students.

 RAID seems to have pulled all the great things from other agencies and put them together into one fantastic agency. I also appreciate the knowledge and support that I get from the staff including Garry and Paul Toomer.


Emma Clark, Advanced 35 & Nitrox Student

“The courses are much more thorough, I feel like it teaches you the why as well as the what (which helps me understand and remember the information). I’ve learned so much from doing the reading so far. I like the emphasis on buoyancy in all courses rather than as an extra add-on. I like being able to login and access the courses anywhere without having to carry the manual. The materials are much more interesting and I’m not sorry to see the back of cheesy videos.

 I ultimately chose RAID because it was recommended by the instructors whose opinion I value. I love that they (the instructors) make sure people are trained to dive, not just pass the course. They are all really generous with sharing their expertise so I would do my qualifications with whichever agency they are registered with – but I’m glad it’s RAID!”



What's Next?

If you're new to diving or looking to take your next course, register on our online system to get started!

If you're an instructor looking to cross over to RAID, read more and check out our event schedule for cross over courses around the UK.

If you're a dive centre looking to cross over to RAID, read more or email our Membership Services Coordinator, Robyn.

James Rogers at The Great Northern Dive Show

Our Managing Director, James Rogers, will be speaking at The Great Northern Dive Show on the 8th and 9th of April. 


You've been hearing RAID mentioned more and more in dive circles recently. We're regarded by most as "the new kids on the block" (even though we were founded over a decade ago...) and we're certainly shaking things up in the industry because of our different way of thinking.

Come along and find out why we're different and what RAID can do for you as a diver, an instructor and a dive centre. 

Find out more about this event and how to get your tickets!

Garry Dallas at The Great Northern Dive Show

Our Director of Training, Garry Dallas, will be speaking at The Great Northern Dive Show on the 8th and 9th of April. 

The Divers Nemesis

Why do people struggle to get a good profile in the water? Why aren't they relaxed? Why do they finish a dive feeling exhausted?

Addressing the aspects that divers confound as trivial, Garry will explain how focusing on the details of buoyancy, trim and propulsion can make a huge difference in diving. 


Find out more about this event and how to get your tickets!

RAID’s Olivier Van Overbeek On The VMS RedBare

Olivier has recently been diving on the VMS RedBare rebreather and wrote an excellent article for ScubaVerse


The VMS RedBare: a Breath of Fresh Air

This is a story of two parts.... One part, a thoroughly enjoyable revelation about CCR diving during a series of RedBare CCR test dives, and the other, a delve into what makes the RedBare CCR such a refreshing new / old arrival (we'll come to that!) on the diving scene.


RAID UK & Malta Introduce A New Suite Of First Aid Courses

There have been some major developments in First Aid at RAID, particularly within our UK & Malta Region. We are excited to introduce two brand new programmes: RAID Diver First Aid and the RAID Accredited Work Place First Aid suite.

RAID Diver First Aid

The RAID Diver First Aid programme is in the final stages of checks before being launched on the RAID portal.  Brand new to RAID, this Emergency First Aid course addresses the types of injuries and illnesses commonly encountered by divers - a perfect complement to the RAID Master Rescue Course and the soon to be released Oxygen Provider Course.

RAID Diving Instructors will be able to teach RAID Diver First Aid once they have become a RAID Diver First Aid Instructor.  This can be completed during a one day crossover (for those already qualified as First Aid Instructors with other training organisations) or a two day course for those new to teaching First Aid.  Once qualified, there is no additional annual fee to be a RAID Diver First Aid Instructor.

RAID Accredited Work Place First Aid

The RAID Accredited Work Place First Aid suite includes two courses: Emergency First Aid At Work (a one day course) and First Aid At Work (a 3 day course). The programmes have been developed specifically for the UK market. Unlike the RAID Diver First Aid course, the accredited programmes can be offered to any company, enabling them to satisfy their HSE First Aid requirements. RAID UK & Malta are currently the only dive agency in the UK offering accredited workplace programmes through partnership with Qualsafe Awards.

Offering these accredited courses to divers and non-divers alike can be extremely lucrative, potentially increasing income for your RAID Dive Centre. One of our Northern centres recently ran the three day (18 hours) First Aid At Work course which generated over £2,500.

As this programme is RQF Nationally Accredited, there are several prerequisites to be eligible to teach. You must:

  • Hold a current accredited First Aid at Work Certificate
  • Hold an accredited teacher and assessor qualification (such as the Level 3 Award in Education & Training or similar teaching qualification)

RAID UK & Malta can deliver the required teacher and assessor courses which are open to all dive centre staff (it is not a requirement to be a RAID instructor for these programmes).

For more information on these new programmes or to find out scheduled dates for Education & Training courses, contact RAID’s Membership Services Co-Ordinator, Robyn (robyn@diveraiduk.com)